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To submit a request fill in all the required information listed below. Mandatory fields are marked with a * asterisk. Along with the mandatory fields you must provide a day time contact number.

If the matter you are reporting is urgent or a hazardous situation which may cause physical harm to a person or property please call Council on (02) 9942 2111 - 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Requests entered on weekends and public holidays are not processed until the next business day

Please Note: Not all request types have been placed online at this stage please call Council on
(02) 9942 2111 to request a service not included on this website.

Request Type Permits - Default

Location Details

Select the location at which the request is to be lodged against. Please click Search to retrieve the property details before proceeding to enter name details.

If the property you require is a rural property and has a Lot or Portion and not a house number please locate via the property search below by entering only the street name in the information boxes then click search and select the required property from the search result list.

Property - You are selecting a property address
Street - You are selecting an entire street
Location - You are selecting a Council owned location. When searching typing in less is best e.g Berry for Berry Reserve

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